Facebook Like Button Updated

The Facebook Like Button Plugin did get quite some attention and with it came some good feedback. It has been greatly improved since the first version. Thought I should mention some of the new things.


You can now disable all automatic output and manually insert the button in your post.

Select output method

It is possible to select preferred output method, iframe or XFBML. The XFBML gives the users an option to share a comment with the like to Facebook, though this requires some extra information in the settings.

Here is an example of the comment dialog when using XFBML.

Suppress output on a single post

If don’t wont the button to be visible at a specific post/page you can do this with a custom field with the key “facebook_like_button” and the value “suppress”. You can do this for as many posts as you want. If you remove the custom field, the button will re-appear on that post.

For more details go to the Facebook Like Button Plugin page.

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  • http://twitter.com/talataydin Talat Aydın

    hello im using your plugin in iframe mod. but when i sellect XFBML button dont shown. how can i solve this?

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  • Rick Norris

    I love the plugin but it is leaving too much space at the end of my blog. Can't figure out how to correct this. Would you please take a look and see what I mean. It doesn't appear others are having this issue… my blog with the plugin is here http://www.casinoscamreport.com/online-gambling

  • Amy

    Does this button add the person to the list of “like”s on their page?