New hot stuff for the kitchen

Went to my favorite everything spicy store extremefood to pick up some new stuff. I picked such good things that I really need to recommend.

Deano’s Jalapenos

Crunchy fried jalapenos with creamy and a little salt taste, it can’t go wrong. I can even see myself put these in a good salad. This is set to be my new favorite snack. It’s not as hot as one could think. I would rate is as very low level of hot.

Deano’s Jalapenos

Ring of Fire Chipotle Garlic Hot Sauce

Great spicy all round sauce. I have previously bought Ring of Fire Garden Fresh which was delicious. This one is no exception, it has a very similar taste but a bit hotter. Black pepper, smoke and a lot of garlic.

Ring of Fire Website

Rasta Fire!

Sweet, thick and curry with great heat. Also an all round sauce though curry doesn’t really work with everything. Really nice with indian dishes.

Rasta Fire Hot Sauce

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