Liberate your photos!

Export your photos with ease to from aperture.
And the best of all is that it’s FREE!
However if you like the product, please consider to make a small donation.
Do your photos a favor and liberate them today!


  • Upload to existing or new albums
  • Privacy
  • Safety Level
  • Sparkle engine for automatic updates
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  • michaelmiles

    Excellent! Thank you so much for this! I hope future versions imitate the behavior of Facebook and Flickr within Aperture 3.0.

  • Jan Erik Moström

    Ehhh, please no. The built-in facebook/flickr integration in Aperture 3 not something I would like to see … in fact I prefer to use another flickr export plugin just to avoid how Aperture handles Flickr.

  • michaelmiles

    Then maybe some settings to choose behavior so all users can enjoy the level of integration they choose! I rather enjoy knowing what photos I've uploaded from Aperture. With this (Expono) uploader, I have no way of knowing what I've already uploaded (easily, not using tags), and if I upload the same picture twice, it duplicates that photo. LOVE the product though, so just hoping to add value for future releases, thanks!

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  • martinj

    Thanks for your feedback!
    I would prefer if you could provide a more descriptive feature request (i don't use aperture myself so i dont know how the integrated flickr export works). What ive heard, the integrated export marks exported photos (visually i believe), however this is a feature the Aperture API doesn't support. If you have alternative ideas on how a solution for this could work, im all ears.
    Also keep in mind that i do this on my spare time so i can't promise anything :).