New version of Google Ajax Feed Slide Show

Been very busy the last 2 weeks, a lot of things in school that require a little more attention from me then before. I wish for more time on my projects. My latest iPhone project has been 80% finished for 2 months now and I have great ideas on improvements for Expono iPhoto Plugin and Aperture Plugin. Thanks to @jemostrom for the bug and feedback reports.

Anyway I managed to get some hours to improve my Google Ajax Feed Slide Show plugin for wordpress which makes it much more useful then before. The main improvment is the short code feature to include the slide shows in your post like below.


Nature by Night by Martin Jonsson © All rights reserved

More information on howto use the short code and download link is available on the Google Ajax Feed Slide Show page.

Giving back and MJFBWrapper is the first one out

Finally got me some time to take a peek on how git and GitHub works cause I want a good place to publish reusable things I create. I often use open source code myself so it feels natural to give back. I’ve create a github account here where I will publish my open source code, it may be objective-c, php, java or whatever I use at the time. There is also my Source Code page where I will list everything with some sort of description and/or example.

The first project out is MJFBWrapper which makes it easier to use FBConnect on the iPhone. This is something I created when i did my first iPhone application Beerlicious.

Moving to wordpress

So i decided to switch over to wordpress and hosting it myself. I love tumblr but it comes times when you need/want more freedom and this time was now for me. My old tumble blog will still remain but under the domain containing images i bookmark with and maybe a funny video or two. Anyway the more important content will be available here.

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