Source Code

Here is a list that hopefully grows by time with my contributions to other developers.


This is a helper/wrapper for FBConnect to the iPhone.
It makes the connect and  permission process much easier to do.

The code snippet below is an example that takes care of everything from the connect to the actually wallpost

FBSession *session = [FBSession sessionForApplication:kAPIKey secret:kAPISecret delegate:self];
[session resume];

MJFBStreamAttachment *attachment = [[[MJFBStreamAttachment alloc]init] autorelease];
attachment.message = @"Message"; = @"Name";
attachment.description = @"Description";
attachment.href = @"";

MJFBStream *fbStream = [[MJFBStream alloc] initWithFBSession:session delegate:self];
[fbStream publishAttachment:attachment];
[fbStream release];


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